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Animal Lover

Animal Lover is an art practice by Julie Andreyev and collaborative others that investigates more-than-human creativity. Projects experiment with interspecies participation to explore seeing, listening, and feeling for ecological and compassionate potential. At the core of the processes are care-ethics practiced in each encounter, respecting the autonomy of free-living and companion animals. The outcomes are new media, sound art, performance and relational art.

“Throughout these interspecies collaborations, Andreyev explores how other beings communicate and behave in more ways than we, humans, may recognize, and believes this affords us an ethical position of humility from which to relate to animals and more-than-human life forms.” —Penny Leong, “Other Beings, Julie Andreyev.” Espace 121 Animal Point of View, hiver/winter 2019, Montreal.


local bird news: birds in the neighbourhood are nesting, including the crow couple who’s territory includes my home. The crows refurbished one of their older nests, in a tall tree in the park across the street. The female is sitting on her eggs right now. There’s a new Coopers hawk couple down the block who are nesting in a fir tree. All the birds are quieter this week while they’re looking after their eggs.

current research:
Wild Empathy” funded by a Gillespie Design Research Grant, Emily Carr University, 2018 and 2019, and SSHRC Institutional Exchange Grant. More information here.


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