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Animal Lover

Animal Lover is an art practice by Julie Andreyev and collaborative others that investigates how interspecies creative tactics can address the climate emergency, wildlife extinction and habitat loss. The projects explore more-than-human ways of knowing to develop kinship with local lifeforms and ecologies. Care-ethics are practiced in each encounter and the outcomes are forms of new media, sound art, performance and relational art.

“Throughout these interspecies collaborations, Andreyev explores how other beings communicate and behave in more ways than we, humans, may recognize, and believes this affords us an ethical position of humility from which to relate to animals and more-than-human life forms.” —Penny Leong, “Other Beings, Julie Andreyev.” Espace 121 Animal Point of View, hiver/winter 2019, Montreal.


June 2019:

+ The Animal Lover research is undergoing an upgrade in response to the climate emergency. For example, see the Bird Park enhancement to the Bird Park Survival Station +

paper presentation: “Crows and Stones” at the Art in the Anthropocene  International conference in Trinity College Dublin, 7-9 June 2019.


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