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Animal Lover

Animal Lover is an interspecies art practice by Julie Andreyev and collaborative others that explores more-than-human creativity to develop kinships with local lifeforms and ecologies. Care-ethics are practiced in each encounter and the outcomes are forms of new media, video, sound art, performance and relational art.

Current projects, Bird Park Survival Station and Wild Empathy, use creative tactics to respond to the climate emergency, wildlife extinction and habitat loss. The Tom + Sugi Climate Emergency Blog is a writing project, with canine collaborators Tom and Sugi, telling story about the creative goings-on in the region.

“…there’s something to be said for staying optimistic even in these times when there’s so much at stake for humans and non-humans. We have to be optimistic and retain hope. I think that artwork can do that in the sense of creating beautiful things to listen to, to look at, and engage with. Art can reflect the wonder and beauty of our natural world.” —Julie Andreyev (from an interview with Jody Berland, for forthcoming book Digital Animalities. Toronto: PUBLIC, 2021.



September 2020

My forthcoming book Making Art with Animals: What Interspecies Creativity Reveals about Our Kinship with Nature has passed the peer review stage! It is now is in the publishing stage with Intellect Books, UK. ETA: December 2021.

August 2020
My tree collaborative project called Who Are You Hearing Me? is featured in the Becoming Plant podcast by Camilla Nelson on Soundart Radio

We have a new member of the family! His name is Heroe. He is only a year old, but has survived living on the streets of Tijuana and has made it to Vancouver. He is lovely and gentle, and full of adventure. Heroe is already a great companion and support for Sugi who is 14 years old now:

June 2020

Bird Park Survival Station videos included in online group exhibition Co-Vid-EO, hosted by IMAPON, curated by Laura Lee Coles.

artist statement included in “My mission…” self-representation, NewMediaFest 2020 wow retro, curated by Agricola de Cologne.

attended “Resistance and Resurgence: Confronting Anti-Black Racism in Canada,” webinar organized by Feminists Deliver, Vancouver.

May 2020

attended “Intro to Synthesizers for Women & Non-Binary Folks,” workshop led by Victoria Gibson, VIVO Media Arts, Vancouver.

interview (Andreyev with Simon Overstall) to appear in forthcoming book: Berland, Jody. Digital Animalities. Toronto: PUBLIC, 2021.

Tom (Jan 26, 2004 – May 5, 2020)
Beloved canine companion and collaborator Tom died at age 16. He is deeply missed. Here is his full obituary.


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