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Animal Lover

Animal Lover is an art practice by Julie Andreyev and collaborative others that investigates communication, expression, and creativity of more-than-human being. The practice combines interspecies participation with ethics of care. Projects carried out with other species explore seeing, listening, and responding for ecological and relational potential.

Some projects are made with companion dogs Tom and Sugi who suggest ideas, and materialize the content. In these collaborations, fun and respectful challenges are processed. Improvisation—something the dogs are particularly good at—provides surprise and learning for Andreyev.

Andreyev is a Joseph Armand Bombardier Scholar completing her PhD at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Her dissertation is an interdisciplinary investigation into an expansion of ethics for nonhuman others, examined through interspecies relational creativity in art processes. This research is supported by a Doctoral Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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