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Animal Lover

Animal Lover is an art practice by Julie Andreyev and collaborative others that investigates creativity with more-than-human beings—dogs, bees, crows, fishes, trees, and forest communities. Projects rely on interspecies participation and collaboration to explore seeing, listening, and feeling for ecological and compassionate potential. At the core of the art processes are care-ethics practiced in each encounter. This involves respecting the autonomy of free-living beings and companion animals.

Andreyev recently completed her PhD at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Her dissertation, Biophilic Ethics and Creativity with More-Than-Human Beings, is an interdisciplinary investigation into an expansion of ethics for more-than-human beings, examined through interspecies relational creativity in art processes. This research was supported by a Joseph Bombardier Doctoral Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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