Biophilia, interspecies generative audio-video installation, (02:06 excerpt), 2017
In collaboration with Simon Lysander Overstall, and birds, insects, plants and trees in the Fillongley forest, Denman Island, Canada.

Created with the artists’ field recordings of birds, insects, plant and tree communities in Fillongley National Park, and Andreyev’s theremin accompaniment, Biophilia is an audio-video installation based on looking and listening in an old-growth forest community. The contributions from raven, crow, robin, flicker, cricket and others are processed with live granular synthesis techniques, such as durational treatments, to generate changes in texture and rhythm over time, as opportunities for detailed hearing. The videos are treated with subtly shifting effects to represent the affective events experienced by the artists in the real-world locale. In the installation, generative software plays the audio and video recordings in relation to a virtual ecology that mimics the diurnal rhythms of the forest.

upcoming exhibition:

2017, November 2-8. The Western Front, curated by DB Boyko, in association with International Society of Contemporary Music, World New Music Days, Vancouver.