Bird Park

Bird Park, multi-species research project, 2017-18

visit the Vimeo album to see more of the Bird Park videos, and read notes about each one.

Bird Park is an on-going artwork and research project, a collaboration between Julie Andreyev and local birds, including the crow family whose territory includes Andreyev’s home. The Park is a field station on the roof of Andreyev’s home in the east side of Vancouver. It provides affordances to birds—water, small amounts of food, caching and perching features—in exchange for recording their activities. The goal is to learn about their communities, cultures and communications, and to find ways to reciprocally engage through interspecies creative methods. 

The Bird Park includes small amounts of food in specialized sustainably-made baskets designed and fabricated by the team. Water, a crucial resource for birds in the summer, is provided within shallow dishes which are refilled each morning. The Park has vegetation in planters that some birds, such as crows, use for caching food. The plants attract bees and other pollinators to the Park. There are specialized perching features, such as a long above-ground wire, where birds can rest and observe the area. These features attract birds who activate a sound recording system, and an automated computer vision and Gorpro system to record their actions as video and sound. 

“Crows enacting crow sentience in crow play, crow work and crow lessons: all emerging in Bird Park as interspecies creativity.” —Penny Leong (2019)

Research team:

Julie Andreyev, principle investigator
Simon Overstall, computation
Caroline Park, sound advising
Sean Arden, stereoscopic video advising
Astrid Dakowicz, research assistant (undergrad, visual art)
Morgan Gilbert, research assistant (undergrad, industrial design)

Bird Park is an off-site Emily Carr University event associated with the Vancouver International Bird Festival 2018, Vancouver.


supported by:

  • ECU Internal Research Grant, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, see ECU news



associated publication:

Leong, Penny. “Other Beings, Julie Andreyev.” Espace 121 Animal Point of View, hiver/winter 2019, Montreal.