Circuit Van

Circuit Van, urban video intervention vehicle, 2002
Julie Andreyev and Christopher Kowal

Circuit Van is a mobile video recording and projection device that connects simultaneous events throughout a city. The van’s rear doors are removed and installed with a rear projection screen showing a live video feed from a camera at the front of the van. Drivers behind the van, in essence, “see through” the van. The van travels between and stops at a series of venues where it plays back the “journey” on the rear projection screen. Simultaneously, Circuit Van records what is going on at the current venue and projects on another screen what happened at the previous venue. Once the journey on the back screen shows the van reaching its destination (where the van is currently stopped), the actual van departs to the next venue and a new projection begins. Through this performance, the venues are connected by a kind of media map.

Previously performed at:

  • 2003 Contact Photo Festival, Toronto
  • 2002 SWARM, Vancouver