*glisten) HIVE

*glisten) HIVE, audio visual participatory installation, 2010-ongoing
Julie Andreyev in collaboration with Simon Overstall

*glisten) HIVE is a project mapping real-time Twitter conversations posted from the 1st person point of view of nonhuman animals. The Twitter community’s conversations are mapped into animated text patterns in an interactive installation using computer algorithms that mimic social-insect swarming patterns. The project offers textual representations of empathy by humans in relation to animals. The project is intended to make more visible the compassionate relations that many humans have with animals, thereby contributing towards an ethics of care towards nonhumans.

During *glisten) HIVE, a live feed from Twitter contributes content from these online communities, and visitors to the installation are encouraged to interact by posting text to the visualization via an on-site computer. The text swarms and soundscape are created using generative programming that allows for ever-changing, non-repeating patterns; a depiction of living consciousness. Here, the online communities are represented as a collective effect and a spatial dimension of communication.

twitter: @glisten_HIVE

Shown at:


Commissioned by: Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad

Production Team:
Generative visualization and sound software: Simon Overstall
Installation screen design: Hyuma Frankowski
Software support: Dennis Rosenfeld
Research Assistants: Derek Ing,  Lindsay Braynen, Sha Li, Sheryl Yang

Supported by: Intersections Digital Studios, and Social + Interactive Media Centre, Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

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