Rockstar, 2010, HD video, 06’03
A collaboration with Tom

The sense of smell is the canine’s primary way of knowing the world, while for humans it is sight. It has been said that canine scent is one thousand times more sensitive to that of human’s, pointing to an empirical intelligence that we can only imagine. It can be argued that the canine scent experience is similar in richness to our human visual experience, but at the same time it is importantly different. Some canine experts speculate that the pleasure the dog experiences from traveling in a car with his head out the window is like a psychedelic experience –a fantastic rushing scent landscape. In Rockstar, Tom is portrayed close up as he travels in this way. The visual effects and soundscape are a speculation, using audio-visual modes, on his canine subjective and emotional experience. The soundtrack is entirely constructed from studio recordings of Tom’s voice and from car engine recordings, and use rhythm and harmonic modes associated with rock music and car travel.

Shown at:

  • 2013 “Beyond Human: Artist – Animal Collaborations“, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Mass.
  • 2013 screening: “our animal others”, Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, Durham, Ontario
  • 2012 “performance, platform. body affects”,  Sophiensaele, Berlin
  • 2010 “passages”,  Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada

Production Team:

Video and soundscape: Julie Andreyev
Canine collaborator: Tom
Cinematography: Masayo Takada
Research Assistant: Hao Ting Mai

Supported by: Intersections Digital Studios, Emily Carr University of Art + Design