Rockstar, 2010, rockvideo, 06’03
A collaboration with Tom (canine)

A canine’s ability to investigate the world through the sense of smell, may be considered like humans favor sight as a sense. While the canine scent perception may be similarly rich as the human visual perception, it is importantly different. The canine sense of smell is a thousand times more sensitive than that of humans—a perceptual richness that we can only imagine. Perhaps the pleasure a dog experiences traveling in a car with his head out the window is like a psychedelic experience—a fantastic rush of the senses. In Rockstar, Tom is portrayed close up as he travels in this way. The visual effects and soundscape form a speculation on his perceptual and emotional experience. The soundtrack is produced from studio recordings of Tom’s voice and from the car he traveled in.

Shown at:

  • 2013 “Beyond Human: Artist – Animal Collaborations“, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Mass.
  • 2013 screening: “our animal others”, Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, Durham, Ontario
  • 2012 “performance, platform. body affects”,  Sophiensaele, Berlin
  • 2010 “passages”,  Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada

Production Team:

Julie Andreyev: video and soundscape
Tom: concept, actor, vocals
Simon Lysander Overstall: sound studio recording
Masayo Takada: cinematography
Hao Ting Mai: Research Assistant

Supported by: Intersections Digital Studios, Emily Carr University of Art + Design