Screen Tests

Screen Test – Tom, 2009, HD video, 04:05

Screen Test – Sugi, 2009, HD video, 04’05

The Screen Tests are a pair of videos of the artist’s dogs, Tom and Sugi. The title quotes the series of works by Andy Warhol depicting close-up living portraits of his friends and acquaintances. As in Warhol’s works, the Screen Tests are slow-motion studies detailing minute changes of expression and the subject’s self-consciousness in front of the camera.

Each Screen Test provides a view of interspecies intimacy through the gaze of the animal looking back at the human. The viewer has an opportunity to witness the subtleties of an animal’s highly developed perceptual sense, normally visible below the threshold of human perception. The dog’ extreme concentration and steadfast observation returns the viewer’s similar attention. Depicting the animal in this way allows us to pay attention to the animal’s state of being, contributing towards a development of human regard for animal consciousness.


Shown at:

  • 2010 “passages”, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada;
  • 2010 CUE: Artists’ Videos, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver.


Production Team:
Video recording: Masayo Takada
Video editing: Julie Andreyev
Intern: Hao Ting Mai
Canine collaborators: Tom and Sugi

Supported by: Intersections Digital Studios, Emily Carr University of Art + Design.