Biophilia, multispecies recombinant audio-video installation, 2017-18
In collaboration with Simon Lysander Overstall
and birds, insects, plants and trees in Fillongley Provincial Park, Denman Island, BC.

video above is a 03:25min excerpt from the installation.

Biophilia is an immersive audio-video installation that recreates an experience of being in a coastal old growth forest. The project is based on interspecies methods, inviting plant and bird communities to participate in the field recording processes. The installation runs on a computational system modeled on the biophony and daily rhythms of the forest. Biophilia creates ecological patterns of relating between human, plant and animal forest inhabitants.

exhibitions and performances:

2018, Jan 25. performance, “Time, Light + Sound Series”, Emily Carr University, Vancouver. Performed with musicians DB Boyko and the VOICE OVER mind Choir.

2017, November 2-8. commissioned by The Western Front, and exhibited as part of the International Society of Contemporary Music, 2017 World New Music Days, Vancouver.

associated publications:

Andreyev, Julie. “Forest” (chapter). Lessons from a Multispecies Art Studio: Uncovering Ecological Understanding & Biophilia Through Creative Reciprocity. Intellect Books, 2021.

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