Crow Stone Tone Poem

Crow Stone Tone Poem
2016-20, interspecies score
In collaboration with Simon Lysander Overstall, and a crow

The score has  been performed live by Giorgio Magnanensi, Vancouver New Music, Polydimensional scores“, 2020 (view from 34:08)

A collaboration with a free-living crow who lives in the territory that includes my home. This project is based on interspecies play using stones, initiated by the adult crow who gifted me a pebble as acknowledgement for water I left for his family. The ten stone arrangements that the crow and I created were adapted into a score. The soundscape above is composed using the score, and field recordings of the crow’s calls, and Julie’s theremin responses. Simon created a piece of software that resonated the sound recordings with virtual materials representing the stones in the arrangements—granite, marble and sandstone. A toned crow sound and a toned theremin sound was associated with each stone. These new toned sounds were then composed into a soundscape using the stone arrangements of the score.


Stone arrangements (score):

Associated Publications:

Andreyev, Julie. “Crows and Stones” (chapter). Lessons from a Multispecies Art Studio: Uncovering Ecological Understanding & Biophilia Through Creative Reciprocity. Intellect Books, 2021

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