*glisten) HIVE

*glisten) HIVE, generative animation and sound installation, 2010-18
A collaboration with Simon Lysander Overstall

—video is a 03:00 excerpt from “Digital Animalities” exhibition, Toronto, 2018.

*glisten) HIVE is a project that aggregates and visualizes Twitter communications about animals, and generates ambient sound from field recordings of animal vocalizations. The project represents moments of interspecies empathy through text and sound as forms of ecological relating. 

The Tweets selected for the project are mapped into the installation as animated text mimicking social-animal swarming or flocking patterns. The animations are created using Max/MSP software that allow for non-repeating organically moving patterns. The soundscape is produced using field recordings from the artists treated with granular synthesis and generative techniques to create a soundscape of many voices. The project can be customized for specific content. For “Urban Beeing” (2014) Prague the project focused on Tweets about bees, and experimented with recordings of bees for the soundscape. For “Digital Animalities” (2018), the project was themed on birds.

Twitter: @glisten_HIVE

Shown at:

Production Team:
Julie Andreyev: tweet collection, visual design
Simon Lysander Overstall: Max/MSP software, sound design
Hyuma Frankowski: installation screen design
Dennis Rosenfeld: networked software support
Derek Ing,  Lindsay Braynen, Sha Li, Sheryl Yang: Research Assistants

Supported by:
CODE Live 2 (Cultural Olympiad’s Digital Edition), Vancouver Cultural Olympiad;
Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Associated publication:
(forthcoming book): Berland, Jody. Digital Animalities. Toronto: PUBLIC, 2021.

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