Stereoscope, photographic installation, 2001

Stereoscope explores current and historical modes of simulation and the physicality of vision. The installation consists of a pair of large-scale stereoscopic photographs and a stereoscopic viewing device. The photographs depict a video arcade with a player of a video game, in this case a motorcycle game, and a couple of spectators and by-standers. While using the viewing device, the photographs’ reflections are overlapped in the viewer’s field of vision and a three dimensional illusion occurs. Here, through the content of the images and the arrangement for viewing, virtual technologies developed for video arcades can be seen as contemporary equivalents of historical mechanisms such as the stereoscope.


Shown at:

  • 2004 “Stereoscope”, Articule, Montreal
  • 2002 “Optica” (with Thomas Kneubuhler), Gallery 44, Toronto
  • 2001 “Stereoscope”, OR Gallery, Vancouver


Supported by:

The Canada Council for the Arts