Sugi likes bananas


  •  Lesson from Sugi: Dogs like fruit
  • Sugi says, “in the evening, after a long day, I like to have a snack of banana cut up into bite-size pieces”

Sugi’s pretty fussy about his food. He’ll just sit and look at me with disdain if I give him a bowl of food he doesn’t like. Recently, I’ve discovered that he likes an evening snack of banana. I cut up a whole banana into slices and share it between Tom and Sugi. They love this in the evening before bed. We now have a special “banana time!” that they have come to love and expect each evening.

Banana is a good ‘cooling’ food according to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) that will cool you down if you’re having too much heat. This is good for Sugi when he’s hot after coming indoors from an evening walk.