Sugi likes salt water baths

  • sugi-salt-water-sLesson from Sugi: Dogs  need skin care too!
  • Sugi says, “lovely ocean swims soothe my itchy skin!”

It’s cloudy but the breeze is warm. The water is calm and Tom and Sugi are enjoying laying on the beach at Smelt Bay on Cortes Island. Sugi has just finished wading in the ocean water and lays down to dry off. I notice that he seems to feel better about his skin when he has an ocean bath.

During this last summer he had itchy, dry skin. I was  treating him with homeopathic remedies (kali sulph) and this seemed to help, but he also needed some topical treatment. After discovering the benefits of the ocean baths, I tried salt water baths at home. Now, when I wash him, I give him a full body rinse using about 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt dissolved in about 4 cups of water. This seems to calm his skin and make him feel more energetic! This salt has minerals in it just like the ocean….