Sugi’s itchy feet – part II

  • Lesson from Sugi: avoiding allergens and keeping an eye on symptoms can help…but maybe there’s something else at work…
  • Sugi says, “My feet are still feeling better!”


story: Sugi’s feet have gotten much better and he does not have the terrible rash. Now and then he licks them a bit and they seem a bit pink between the toes, but so far he’s free of the rash that I described in the previous post.

In the previous post, I had speculated that his root rash may have been caused by the carpets which may have had debris left in them from a recent flood. Since that time, we had the rugs professionally cleaned and Sugi’s feet improved!

But that’s not really the end of the story….

While Sugi had his foot rash, Greg too had a rash on his hands! Sugi’s rash started on his front right foot at the knuckle area and between his toes. At the same time, Greg had a rash on both his hands also in the knuckle area. Sugi’s rash cleared up at the same time Greg’s rash cleared up!

I am proposing two hypothesis: 1. either it was a coincidence, both of them suffering from the same malady manifesting a skin reaction in the same physical location (perhaps both allergic to the dirty rugs); 2. or Sugi and Greg are entangled (this idea is based on research into areas of quantum physics and theories about the zero point field.)

In addition to Greg’s and Sugi’s connection, I’ve noticed over the past half year or so a link between Sugi’s and my own state of health. When I manifest symptom, Sugi manifests a similar physical symptom. More on this in the next post…..

One thought on “Sugi’s itchy feet – part II

  1. I think both of these hypothesis are the causes of Sugi and Greg’s itchy feet. And I think that the carpet is also the cause of allergic reaction. Hope they get better and better …

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