Sugi’s Entanglement

  • Lesson from Sugi: canines can mirror and manifest their humans’ emotions, energy and even illnesses
  • Sugi says, “your stress is making me feel bad!”


story: As mentioned in previous posts, Sugi has had trouble with a bad rash on his tummy, back and feet. We learned that it could be either a food allergy or from an airborne allergy such as pollen. Through a process of elimination, we figured out a few foods that he was allergic to. We have yet to determine if there is an environmental connection. However, one of the most striking aspects of these symptoms is that they directly correspond to symptoms manifest by Greg or myself!

This surprising, and disturbing, correlation was noticed in the fall of 2010 when I developed a mystery rash on my torso. It was itchy and bothersome for weeks. At the same time Sugi developed his bad rash on this tummy and back. I began to notice that my symptoms got worse when I was stressed, and this would also effect the severity of Sugi’s outbreak. It was a wake-up call to me to see how Sugi seemed to be directly effected by my state of anxiety and physical health.

The latest correlation is described in the previous post, where Sugi developed a bad rash on his feet at the knuckle area at the same time that Greg had a rash across his knuckles. Once Greg’s went away, so did Sugi’s.

Currently, I notice that when I exhibit a bit of stress related anxiety, Sugi often responds with hot spots or an outbreak on his tummy.

Recently, I mentioned this correlation to my Vet, Michael Goldberg, and asked him if he has noticed anything like it with his other clients. He responded with “Oh, I hear about this all the time”! He went on to explain that a canine came in and was diagnosed with diabetes. His human was surprised and added that “he also has diabetes”!

I’ve been researching this phenomena called “entanglement”, also called “entrainment” in relation to theories about how living systems can be connected at a quantum level. Ideas of synchronicity were described by C.G. Jung and continue with contemporary scientists such as Lynne McTaggart. Specific experiments in the late 1990’s by Dr. Rollin McCrary and Dean Radin with Marilyn Schlitz have explored how subjects, for example a couple separated by distance, have the same physiological reactions when one of the subjects experiences extreme thoughts such as anger, fear and happiness. Even though the receiving subject is not necessarily conscious of the sender’s thoughts and emotions, the receiver’s body reacts to them!