Tom + Sugi go for a canoe ride in Lost Lagoon

  • Lesson from Tom: Enjoy your outing even if it’s short!
  • Tom says,  “I love the canoe! as long as I’m able to walk around comfortably”

We like to go as a family in the canoe to local waterways. For some weeks we’d been talking about canoeing in Lost Lagoon, downtown Vancouver. Yesterday we set out from the north west shore of the Lagoon. As we paddled around heading towards the south shore, a park ranger in a truck came rushing down the trail by the shore, got out, and hailed us to come in. He then instructed us to leave the Lagoon right away! The Lagoon is out of bounds for boats of any kind. We did not see any signs indicating this and told him so. He responded with “Most Vancouverites know that there are no boats allowed in Lost Lagoon”. Go figure, I’ve lived here all my life and didn’t know!