How Tom became a Rockstar!

Lesson from Tom: Tom likes to vocalize (he’s a schnauzer mix), so why not put his talents to good use! Since I’ve been collaborating with him on my art projects, recording his vocalizations, he has become very articulate and polite.

Tom says, “I love you!!”

Here’s some basic communication Tom uses while vocalizing:

  • “hello” is a soft repeated high-pitched bark while approaching people
  • “attention!” is a loud single full deep bark repeated until I thank him (used for the doorbell etc.)
  • “I’m happy” quite high-pitch growling while he’s rolling on his back and/or digging on the carpet
  • “I’m upset!”  is a high pitched single bark when Sugi’s get special attention
  • “I’m having fun!” most dogs laugh like this.  A series of short loud exhales like panting (when being played with or greeting the human when they come home)
  • “I’ll do anything for that treat!” a ‘phrase’ made up of growling, whining and low barking
  • “look at me” or “I want…” is a low rumbling but friendly growl with a tail wag.

I made use of these vocalizations in a recording session where I asked Tom to vocalize for a treat. We set up in a recording studio and made an hour’s worth of recordings of his voice. I then used these sound clips to create the soundtrack for my rock video of Tom called “Rockstar”.

The video can be seen on Vimeo:

The project is described on my website: