Sugi likes to track and search

  • Lesson from Sugi: canines enjoy tracking and locating through scent
  • Sugi says,  “I’ll find a scent trail if I can…!”

We noticed that Sugi has an ability to concentrate without distraction. Sometimes he gets so focused on a scent that he doesn’t hear us calling him! We thought we would put this ability to practical use. A couple of years ago we did a tracking lesson with the owner of Canine Spirit (where Tom went to obedience school). She taught us how to track (follow a scent trail) and how to search (locate a scented item). Since then we have been training Sugi to find chanterelle mushrooms on our hikes! He is still learning how to do this…but he is also practicing his tracking ability every time we take him out on the trail. He seems to love finding a scent trail and then following it.