VJFleet [redux]

VJFleet [redux], audio-video urban performance, 2006-2009
Julie Andreyev
Simon Overstall, technical collaborator

VJFleet [redux] is a mobile video and sound performance situated in the streets and public spaces of a city. Serving as hybrid forms, a fleet of customized cars equipped with interactive, audio-video technologies cruise the city seeking engagement as urban performance. During a VJFleet [redux] performance, video of driving routes in a host city are manipulated by interactions between the car and driver to create effects on the videos. Audio aspects of the engine and voices of the drivers/guides from the host city are recorded en route to be remixed at chosen performance locations. Here, the audio and video recordings are mixed into a new live cinematic display.

Previously performed at:

  • 2008 Digital Technology and Culture, Washington State University, Vancouver, USA;
  • 2006 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, off-site project, Boston;
  • 2004 Viper Festival “Generations on the Move”, Basel, Switzerland;
  • 2003 (in collaboration with Jordan Benwick), New Forms Festival, Vancouver.



  • 2003 (nominee) BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Interactive Award;
  • 2003 MAD ’03NET Project Award, 2nd International Meeting of Experimental Arts in Madrid”


Supported by:

  • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada;
  • The Canada Council for the Arts;
  • The British Columbia Arts Council,
  • Foreign Affairs Canada.