Who are you hearing me?

Who are you hearing me?, interspecies performance, approx. 15’00, 2016
In collaboration with a tree

This project is an outdoor performance and listening experience involving text and a tree. A poem is created as a collaborative outcome with a tree, and then the poem is traced by the [human] performer’s hands on the tree’s branches and trunk. The action is amplified using a microphone fastened to the tree, and headphones allow the audience to listen in. The poem and performance attempt to find a meeting place between human and tree life.

What do you hear me?
Who are you hearing me?
Am I hearing you where?
I am hearing you when…

The Soundcloud file above is an excerpt from the performance at:
2016, Branching Out in Somerset: Making Art with Trees, Somerset, UK, curated by Camilla Nelson and Alex Metcalf

Supported by:
Graduate Liberal Studies, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver