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Animal Lover

Animal Lover is the multispecies art studio of Julie Andreyev and collaborative others exploring more-than-human ways of knowing and creating. Andreyev uses walking creation, field recording, sound art, video, new media installation, and land-based methods. Current projects Bird Park Survival Station and Branching Songs experiment with multispecies sound and visual tactics to draw attention to the climate emergency, wildlife extinction and habitat loss.

Open Access paper Julie Andreyev, “Bird Park Survival Station”. Katherine Gillieson & Jon Hannan, editors — Occasional Papers: Creative Research at Emily Carr. Vancouver: Occasional Press, 2022.
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Book publication  Julie Andreyev — Lessons from a Multispecies Art Studio: Uncovering Ecological Understanding & Biophilia Through Creative Reciprocity. Intellect Books, 2021.
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